Change is coming! Hello everyone, Sara here hoping you are all staying Safe and as Sane as you possibly can during these chaotic days. Change itself can be both scary and necessary depending on the desired outcome, or unexpected event. I'll be 50 years old in a few weeks and I've been torturing myself with a dilemma regarding 4TwentyFashion. When I first created 4TwentyFashion I had visions of a breakthrough shop that specialized in not just cannabis accessories, but to show off my karmic side with Buddha's and prayer beads. Since the opening I've been blessed with many online orders over the years but something had happened I wasn't focus changed. The other half of my persona is as an Artist and lately I've been a little overwhelmed trying to balance both eCommerce and gallery outlets, which is causing one and/or the other to suffer in my eyes. I never wanted that to happen! 50 for me is a turning point in my dreams, which I was not anticipating, hence I'm forced to make a drastic decision. I'm going to be closing down 4TwentyFashion to focus more on my artistic goals😞 . This was not a rushed decision, I've been mulling this over for quite some time now and with the pandemic going on, it's become that much more challenging. As of right now I have no set date for the actual closure, except to say relatively soon. I would like to sell as much if not all of my inventory before the closure, and to tie in my upcoming birthday, I'm going to reduce items to 50% off! So as not to create even more stress, I'm going to do this in a stepped manner, meaning certain categories will be on sale to start...and then eventually all of them. This is to eliminate a sort of 'sale frenzy' as it's still just me running the show! I encourage everyone to bookmark the site for now to keep an eye on what's for sale half price, as it will be changing weekly! Everything is limited quantity so once it's gone, it's gone! I offer a heartfelt thanks to all my previous customers and I have nothing but good will and hope for you. If you'd like to reach me directly please email: OR and I look forward to the future!
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