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Why do You smoke cannabis?

Why do You smoke cannabis?

Thankfully, as of right now there are 11 American states that allow recreational marijuana consumption. Add to that, another 15 have decriminalized, and 33 have medical legality, meaning what? Pot smokers almost equal cigarette smokers in the United States.

As a matter of fact, the US ranks second in the world of cannabis consumption, with Iceland being number one. Number three? Nigeria.

So why do so many people around the world have this one thing in common?

Is it because, smoking pot helps to alleviate stress and anxiety? Keeping you calm in whirlwind moments, or helping you find your feet when trying to ground yourself.

Or, is it because, smoking a bowl during a creative block helps to spark new ideas? In a 2011 study, it was thought that psychotomimetic symptoms could be produced with cannabis. Meaning, an altered way of thinking that wasn't apparent before, helping to unlock the creative part of your mind.

Or, is it because, THC helps "to reduce the negative bias in emotional processing"? Meaning, it helps to fight the blues!

Or, is it because analgesic and antinociceptive properties of marijuana aid in relieving menstrual cramps? Not only does smoking help with pain, it helps to make periods more tolerable.

Or, is it to help with your weight-loss goals? Contrary to common belief that pot in general makes you crave Cheetos-like snacks, consuming certain Sativa strains may aid in boosting your metabolism. So start your day with some coffee and Sativa for an energetic and creative jump.

Or, is it because smoking pot alone or with friends is just so damn fun?

Personally speaking, I've known very few cannabis-free days in my 49 years. My hippie mom was smoking while I was in utero, than blew it in my baby face to help me sleep. By 13, I was rolling my own. I smoke regularly for a few simple reasons.

1. I like it. It helps me to deal with people in general. You know the phrase, 'I smoke to improve my viewpoint'.

2. It has replaced an opiate addiction due to a lifetime of medical procedures. At one time I was being prescribed over 300 pills a month, now I smoke medical grade marijuana and it nearly completely handles my neuropathy pain, which would otherwise cost me the will to live. It helps my back pain and to be honest, I'm rarely depressed.

3. I consume Sativa during the day and it's helped me to lose 75 pounds over the last year. This I swear by.

4. I smoke before I create art. My creativity is bolstered and my juices flowing into my fingers.

5. It does de-stress me. I also no longer rely on anti depressants, so smoking has replaced another prescription.

Nowadays smoking pot doesn't have quite the bad rap it used to, after all, millions of folks around the world are enjoying this wonder plants' benefits, are you?

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