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Power of Leopard Jaspar

Power of Leopard Jaspar

It’s amazing to me how some objects can affect our physical and emotional bodies just by being in their presence. Consider the fact that our bodies are essentially walking energy systems, putting out, while receiving, external vibrations. When in proximity to certain metals and crystals, our bodies respond either positively or negatively.

Because each crystal emits it’s own resonance, they can aid in our overall well-being, as well as, very specific issues just by placing them on the appropriate Chakra or by holding it in your hand.

One of my personal favorites is the Leopard Jasper crystal. Not only is it beautiful to admire with it’s feline-coat appearance, but it helps to protect from negative energy in both the physical and spiritual realms. Not that I’m afraid of any lingering spirits, but it does help in shielding nightmares and disquieting dreams, while aiding in general dream recollection..

Leopard Jasper exhibits a slow steady vibration that helps ground and stabilize. When feeling a bit lethargic and unmotivated, holding onto a Leopard Jasper stone seems to jump start determination and reinvigorate tenacity.

Many believe we each have our own Power Animal, an animal spirit that aids us. Meditating with a Leopard Jasper crystal helps you determine and communicate with your personal power animal.

Leopard Jasper is more than just another pretty stone, it protects, encourages, grounds and stabilizes the aura, all great reasons to find your own Leopard Jasper stone.

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