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Finally 4Twenty Friendly!

Finally 4Twenty Friendly!

When I started 4TwentyFashion in 2017, I had the novice experience and professional enthusiasm. Cannabis had just become recreationally legal in my state and my entrepreneurial spirit gave me the vision of creating a specialized online store catering to the 'Flower-Friendly'. I learned the hard way of trying to promote a still considered 'illegal' item across social media and even typical ad marketing campaigns, but I continued to invest in pot jewelry and 'feel' my way around the eCommerce world. I didn't want it to be just stoner fashion, as marijuana is truly a spiritual experience for myself, so infusing Zen accessories seemed to go hand-in-hand. Two years, four eCommerce platforms, and 150+ products later, I think I can say 4TwentyFashion is becoming something I can truly be proud of from a personal perspective. Learning about products, marketing, imaging, web design and even a bit of law has made this a rewarding experience. Recently, the first international order was shipped to Australia making 4TwentyFashion global-friendly as well as flower-friendly! Thank you to all the patrons of the past and future!

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