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Change Is Inevitable!

Change Is Inevitable!

Greetings to my fellow zen-infused tokers! Welcome to March, 2020, and what a year I believe it will be. If you've seen my About Me page, you'll know that I am the entrepreneur who does all the work behind the scenes at 4TwentyFashion, not just here but also in my other online shops.
Well, this late spring I will be relocating after 12 years in my current home and I'm mixed with excitement, apprehension, joy, nerves, sadness and everything else that goes along with a major life change. My goal is to move into a larger home where I'll be able to fully dedicate an environment for both my entrepreneurial and artistic endeavors. I suppose this is a pre-warning on patience, during the most active period, hence the week of actual moving, orders may be delayed by a business day or two at the absolute most! I will make an announcement closer to the date.
On the plus side, I have some ideas and changes I'm looking forward to implementing in my shop. This for me is a long-term endeavor so my heart, sweat, and soul are poured into this idea. I would like to start offering Free Shipping for All domestic orders, this will take some work in the back-end, after I move, so look for this first change starting in the summertime! On a personal note, I want to sincerely Thank Every single patron from all my platforms that sell 4TwentyFashion accessories, this has been and will continue to be, an incredible learning experience that I will treasure forever!
May the Green God of Cannabis bless you :D

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